Herb Lake Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion
Herb Lake (No.125) Branch

Chartered: May 12, 1936
In operation for 1936 and 1937.
Reorganized in 1946
The year when their Charter was surrendered is not available.

L.R. Shier
Geo. Bartlett
F.E. Bridgeman
H.E. Roberts
Ben Maxwell
J.H. Kerr
Fred Smith
George Jackson
Geo. E. Clark
D.M.G. MacLean
J.H. Davidson
F.L. Smith
C.E. Linn
Carl J. Olson
John Dickson

In 1936 the President was L.R. Shier and the Secretary-Treasurer was D.G. McLean

This information was obtained from Grace Young at Snow Lake who was the Legion secretary for many years.  This information is important because it provides the names of people in the community 1936-37. This list is of the charter members, but other members would have joined later. (Jack Patton was a WW 1 vet and belonged to the Legion.)

Returning soldiers from the Second World War (1939-1945) sparked a renewed interest in the Herb Lake Legion and it was reorganized in 1946, however there are no records available. During the war years the community was involved in the war effort and the Woman’s Aid Society sent knitting and care packages to soldiers to help with the cause. One of the reasons the Laguna Mine closed was because there were no men to work the mine as most of the younger men went to war.


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