Speedy Court

Speedy Court
By Linda Butler
Told by Georgette Major

I lived with Tribbles before I was married and was a teacher for their daughter Claire.  One afternoon, David Fergus, the Justice of the Peace, dropped by for a visit.  We were having tea in the living room when a police officer arrived, accompanied by a prisoner, who he had arrested on a warrant from The Pas.

There was no court house at Herb Lake, and I expected Mr. Fergus to return to his home to deal with this judicial matter, but instead he convened court in Tribble’s living room.  I asked him if he wished me to wait in one of the bedrooms, but he said, no, that I should stay and watch the proceedings.

The court was called to order. Mr. Fergus read the charge against the prisoner and asked how he wished to plead.  The prisoner pled guilty.  The police officer stated the facts of the case.  His Worship considered the matter, then fined the man and ordered him released. Court was adjourned and the police officer and the man left the residence.

Mrs. Tribble boiled water for a fresh pot of tea and the visit continued.   People in those times were hard workers and led isolated lives, and the Tribbles and Mr. Fergus would not let the interruption of a court case interfere with their socializing.

Note: Mr. Fergus was the Justice of the Peace in Herb Lake after Judge Vickers. circa 1945.


About Linda C Butler

I write pioneer stories from the Herb Lake Ghost Town. Please do not re-blog this material or re-publish without my permission.
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