Angus Edgar Woods (1882-1932)

Angus Edgar Woods (1882-1932)
by Linda C Butler

Angus Woods was a prospector who had a cabin in the area now known as Angus Woods Bay on Herblet Lake, known as Little Herb.

The Thompson MB Museum recorded the history of Walter Johnson at and it contains some references about Angus Woods.  Page 8 says: “In the spring of 1924, Walter Johnson and partner Angus Woods, another newcomer to the North, set out with supplies and prospecting hammers to make their fortune.  They found a low grade gold property twenty miles to the south of Herb Lake, but it did not amount to much, so, when winter came, Walter found a job at the Bingo Mine….”

Walter then worked for the Rex Mine, then went trapping, then prospecting at Red Lake Ontario with Dick Ellis, and then returned to Northern Manitoba.

“In August 1930, Johnson, Ellis and Angus Woods found an oxidised zone some four miles from the Grass River and about fifteen miles north of Herb Lake….After two week’s work, the three partners realized that they were on just one more wild goose chase.”

The men returned to the river and they found that a bear had damaged their canoe and tent but they managed to repair the canoe and return to Herb Lake.

From what we know of Woods, we assume that he continued to prospect in the Herb Lake area.  We are told that Johnson received a $300 grubstake from Ben Dembinsky of The Pas and he travelled into the Setting Lake/Burntwood River system area and staked claims with Ellis.

Patricia Cohoe, Great-Niece
The Herb Lake Graveyard book, published 2013 by the Community of Herb Lake Landing MB.


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