Ballard’s Island

Ballard’s Island
by:  L. M. Ballard

God shaped a little island,
The fairest he could make,
He covered it with Starbloom,
And set it in Herb Lake.

He blessed this little island,
And counted every tree,
He bade it smile a welcome,
And then he sent for me.

On summer nights the fairies,
Help make the gardens grow,
And angels flash their signals,
Across the winter snow.

O lovely, lonely island,
My feet may reach and roam,
But always in the springtime,
My heart has called me home. 

Herb Lake, Manitoba
November 7, 1929.
This poem was discovered in an old book at Herb Lake by Paul Hawman.  Thanks Paul for preserving it.

The Delphinium Plant
By Linda C Butler
Delphiniums are a perennial flower that thrive in northern gardens and in some cases, they survive long after a home and its occupants have moved on.  They are usually blue flowers and grow on a tall stalk. One time in the 60s Mom and Dad took me to the old town of Herb Lake.  It was already a ghost town with only a couple people living in the area.  Behind a deserted building we found a beautiful blue delphinium and mom dug up a piece of the root and transplanted it to our garden in Snow Lake.  It was a living souvenir of where we had once lived.


About Linda C Butler

I write pioneer stories from the Herb Lake Ghost Town. Please do not re-blog this material or re-publish without my permission.
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