Herb Lake Trappers, MB Hydro Settlement

The Manitoba Metis Federation reached a settlement with Manitoba Hydro for compensation to trappers who lost their livelihood when the Grand Rapids Generating Station was built and became operational. (1940-1964). Many of the claims of the trappers directly affected have been paid.

There is a second list of trappers who were invited to trap on the Summerberry Marsh and this affected some from Herb Lake. Since the town became a ghost town in the late 1950s, and many of the trappers have passed on, it is a challenge for the Manitoba Metis Federation to make contact. The list of trappers or families are: Bert Calcutt, Tel Cote, James Fergus, John Folster, Henry Makonse, Louis Revaire, Bertram Rowe. The Thicket Portage list contains Joe Taylor who may also have been at Herb Lake.

Information concerning the settlement is at: http://www.mmf.mb.ca/summerberry.php There is a full list of names on the site. For information please contact the Manitoba Metis Federation at the contact info provided. As I understand it, an application for compensation can be made by the trapper, his spouse, or children, but clarification as to who can apply should be obtained from the Metis Federation.

I spoke to Isabelle F, who is related to Bert Calcutt, Tel Cote and Louis Revaire (a misspelling of Revoird). I believe that James Fergus died in the Second World War. There were families of Folsters at Herb Lake Landing and at Herb Lake, and some members of these families lived in The Pas, Henry Makonse was probably “Henry the Hook”, a man who had a steel hook for a hand. For some of these trappers, this settlement goes back seventy years so it will be interesting to see if families can be located.


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2 Responses to Herb Lake Trappers, MB Hydro Settlement

  1. Sharon (Bartlett) Campbell says:

    Tel Cote was my grandfather Wilfred cote’s brother

    • This is the contact info that is on their website. Please give them a call or email them as they want to talk to you.
      For Trappers found on the Other Communities List:
      Tammy Chief
      Manitoba Metis Federation
      Northwest Metis Council
      Telephone (204) 638-9485
      Email: tammy.chief@mmf.mb.ca

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